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First Have a Rambly Intro/Vent:

So lately I've been going through a serious dry spell where kinks are concerned (especially if you know my tumblr, I've been whining about it a lot OTL), but lately it's also starting to affect my drive to work with/develop my canon. And, well, I feel crappy when I have to force myself to get into my own OCs and kink with them, and so usually my way to get out of this state is...RPs (and stories but ya'lls know I only finish about 1 per year :V)

Unfortunately though I'm pretty picky about RPing these days (and I mean serious RPing, not the character interaction that goes on in the comment section of my deviations). The type where you're basically writing a story back and forth with another person (for those who know the term, I mean story/paragraph format). Like, not to sound like a prude, but I kind of need someone to at least match my writing level or I become disinterested. It's happened time and time again because often I feel like I'm the one pulling the RP forwards when the other is just along for the ride, and I'm the only one invested in carrying the flow, tone, or style. Or I'm the one always leading when it really ought to be a back and forth thing, y'know? And this isn't to say I haven't had some truly great RPs in the past or even recently, but this is just the number one thing that makes me stop responding (and I feel guilty when it happens).

Nowadays I'm paranoid opening myself up to RPs...but in light of my needs to revive my drive to produce canon and drawings, I'll try this out once again--albeit this time with stricter rules. So here goes:

I'm willing to RP a number of kinks, granted I play a certain role. For some I may be willing to play a switch, but for the most part I have preferences. I would also prefer to use Jake as my major character right now just because I'm most in-tune with him. Once I overcome my dry spell I'd probably be fine playing other characters for now. And even so I'm fine having other OCs as minor participants, or playing as multiple characters including him, but for now I need Jake as a focus so I can get back to things.

*AHEM* Anyways for kinks I prefer...:

Vore. I much much much prefer playing the pred, and I don't like playing conventional prey. I can do safe or fatal, both have plenty of appeal to me. Though I'd like to avoid permanent digestion of major characters (ie, YOUR CHARACTER) unless reformation is part of the RP, as I dislike when one character dies and gives the RP an awkward end. That said, I'll gladly play random schmoes to be digested, or switch off with that. Also my absolute preference is same-size, though I'll gladly do half-size. G/T it'll depend on the scenario, but I'm fine including it on occasion (or with friends).

***I'm not interested in alternative vores or full tour. You can ask but don't expect me to float with them.

I love love LOVE playing the feedee. And I am totes fine with it being willing, force-feeding, anything so much. I'll even combine vore with it if that's of interest. I'm really open on scenarios to do with this one.

Burps/Belching. Usually as a pair with stuffing or vore. Doesn't have to be too excessive, but I like them to be an element (especially for comedy), much like sprinkles on ice cream. Expect them on occasion tbh, but where it makes sense.

***I'm not into gasplay or flatulence.

Emetophilia/Sickness. I play the pukey/sick one if my art was any clue lmao. I'm also fine with stuff like doctor/patient.

Weight gain/Weight loss. Nothing excessive with WG, but I do like having my chars put on couple pounds and get flustered by it. I also just like weight loss because it's just funny messing with a character like that (like say a character trying to stick to a diet). Teasing fine too. Your char can gain too but nothing excessive (I don't like immobility, just chub, and it want it more as an aside thing, not so much the focus of the RP). Annnnd then I'll go with starvation play on the weight loss side as I am a gross.

Mpreg/Demon/Monster Surrogacy. I don't like actual *babies* with this kink (got some beef there haha), but I'm totes fine playing a schmuck having to carry around demon/monster/alien chilluns (also like if you got a demon monster you can totally impregnate my boi too I'msosorrythat'sgross) It can get dark and feelsy or just be more of an inconvenience scenario. And I wanna play the preggy if that wasn't obvious *cough*

Cross-Dressing/Drag. I'll do it as a fun gag or revenge idea. I like men in dresses/lingerie, and throwing it on my bois. And I'll throw myself out....

Object Vore/Kleptophagia. Again I like to play the one doing the om-noms but hell I'm totes fine stuffing the bois with random objects, and also indigestion stuff. Can be willing or no (ie. force-feeding objects is a thing). And along that line there's the garbage eating too, but I'd never push that one on someone.

Gore. I know most aren't into it but I enjoy me some nice character peril. You can bash my bois if you want, or have a fight, or murder rampage some random peeps. Just don't kill my OCs. Also I like hard vore. (Aside tho: Jake has a phobia of blood/gore so if playing with him expect him to freak out or faint if it gets hairy. Buuut he can endure things like broken bones/serious bashing for some time, and will get aggressive until he hits his limit).

Genderbending??? I've never touched this one in an RP but could be interesting. I think I'd prefer the receiving end (but this is not an excuse to push female kinks on me)

And then for minor kinks I like playing a more dom role or forced sub, I like pampering/indulgence/position of power scenarios (Jake in particular), I like wardrobe malfunctions, minor transformation, and minor humiliation. I also like horror and creepy imagery.

Currently I'm interested in scenarios that have to do with the manager AU, although not necessary.

***I will occasionally RP 18+ but only if it isn't the focus of the RP, and I will NOT RP such things with minors. Always ask first if you want to insert it *coughbadpunsorry*.

FOR OTHER KINKS ASK FIRST. But I am willing to negotiate and work with other people's kinks. Sort of a "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" deal.

Won't Do These (Sorry Mate):

I do NOT like anything to do with scat, flatulence, or piss; and will drop the RP immediately if they're implied or brought in

I'm not interested in Romance. I'm aro as hell, so this I would only consider with good friends who I feel comfortable saying if it's going too far.

Muscle/muscle gain. I don't hate it, it's just "ehhhh". You can totally have a muscular character though, but mine won't be gaining muscle and would really rather it not be the focus of the RP.

No sexualized underage characters or NSFW with minors, or even implied lewd. Not touching that with a 20 foot pole. FLUFF AND SFW WITH CHILD CHARACTERS ONLY.

Slob/immobility. No thanks.

Diaper. Not touching it.

Female kinks such as breast expansion, extremely sexualized female designs, UB, being prey to a female pred (I'm sorta okay with pred competition scenarios maybe???). Like you can totes roleplay with a female and I'd be fine with it, just don't treat female characters like the majority of the female vore community, let her have a fleshed out personality and stuff :U

Some Context/Background Elements:

Hehe you thought I was done, didn't you~?

Anyways like NUMERO UNO thing with roleplays is that, while I obviously enjoy kinks, I want the focus to be on a story. The main reason I RP is because I like character interactions and character development, and I love having conflict and humor. 

For example, I don't want to RP the whole "Character A eats Character B, THE END" because that gets boring after the 200th time. Instead I want vore to supplement or be the element to drive the story forwards. Like say: Character A and Character B are rivals, and A is always scheming to try and catch and eat B, but B is smart and tends to escape their traps UNTIL ONE DAY A finally manages to catch B off-guard and eats them, and B has to find a way to escape/convince/bribe A to let them back out. Like naturally that prompt isn't flawless (I came up with it in about 20 seconds and is totally a Tom and Jerry ripoff), but it's certainly more fleshed out than the first idea, and more interesting to me. So hopefully this gives a sense of what I'm looking for.

Also for this RP I'd like to work with a modern fantasy setting, and I'm totally fine throwing in my own canon too if anyone wants to work with it. But one thing I'd like to stick with is that for humans, irl vore is considered a shocking/scary thing the first time it's introduced. Like irl most people don't expect monsters to just walk up and eat them, and same would go in the RP. Like humans can have a concept of vore (like say they're a vore artist that posts kink drawings to DA), but seeing it actually happen might be a bit...shocking, at least the first time around.

But of course that only applies to human characters who haven't been previously immersed with vore/stuffing/unrealistic kinks. Obviously a monster/demon/fantasy creature/half breed/etc. might not be so shocked, or at least already have opinions on it :U

Also I'm totes fine doing an AU, like again I know some folks are really into the manager and professor Jake AUs and I am teeeotally fine playing with those (like say you're the new student/employee and go from there).

Writing And Some Vent Again:

Okay so I've mentioned this already, but something that generally kills RPs for me is bad writing. So I'm going to say this kind of bluntly:

Please don't RP with me if you don't understand how to create or story, or how to use modern writing conventions. Preferably you should have experience writing stories or RolePlaying in serious story format. You should know how to set up a prompt, how to inject tone and mood, how and when to separate your paragraphs, how to write dialogue, know which tense to use, how to use punctuation and vary your sentence structure so you're not creating run-on after run-on sentence like this one. You should know how to write a well-rounded character, not just in the kinky way. And know how how to insert characterization. Don't just tell me character X is "shy". Show me. Do they shuffle their feet? Stutter? Talk quietly? Blush a lot or get embarrassed easily? Do they get anxious in social situations? How do they express their character traits?

You know all those things your awesome English teachers nagged you about? Time to put those to use.


Also please try to stay consistent with spelling. I understand typos happen and autocorrect will change your words, btu its kinda herd 2 reed wen peepol rite lik dis al hte teim.

///Congrats if you managed to get through this entire thing. I apologize if anything is hard to follow, I was writing at ungodly hours. But if anyone feels like they want to try out a RP, feel free to comment or something and we can try discussing scenarios/plots and kink preferences. This journal is mainly meant to deter run-of-the-mill RP requesters, but I am fairly flexible despite this. And if you're looking to improve your writing, I'm willing to lend a hand. Just keep in mind that I do take these kinds of RPs seriously.

And if you know you won't meet these standards but still want character interactions, you can always do simple script RPs and drabbles in the comment section of my deviations. I'll generally roll with anyone if they want to do that, and I'm not strict about it at all.
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Just have fun and answer these questions!

001. Real Name: Syd

002. Nickname: Wiggs/Wiggy
003. Zodiac Sign: Gemini
004. Male Or Female: Male
005. Elementary: Hage

006. Middle School: Calavera

007. High School: C-Bad
008. Hair Color: Brown (used to say it was the color of kelp)

009. Long Or Short: short

010. Loud Or Quiet: Quiet except with close friends (and my voice carries far when I yell)

011. Sweats Or Jeans: Shorts Bucktooth
012. Phone Or Camera: Phone
013. Health Freak: Yeaaaah not really \o/

014. Drink or Smoke: Drink with friends maybe, otherwise nah

015. Do You Have A Crush on SomeoneShrugnot really
016. Political orientation: Progressive 

017. Piercings: not for me, but I like the aesthetic sometimes
018. Tattoos: Not really, but again can be aesthetic (especially when they tell stories)


019. Airplane: so many freaking times

020. Car Accident: Nope (idk how I haven't yet)

021. Fist Fight: Not a serious one, but I used to spar with friends

022. First piercing: don't have any

023. First Best Friend: Christopher (Preschool)

024. First Instrument: Saxophone
025. First Award: I have no idea but probably one of those "you're a good student" awards in elementary
026. First Crush: Christopher

027. First Language: English

028. First Big Vacation: Idk NYC or Wisconsin or something my family travels a lot :V


029. Last Person you talked to: mother I think?

030. Last Person You Texted: my uncle

031. Last Person You Watched: sora-belly
032. Last Food You Ate: turkey sammich
033. Last Movie You Watched: Arrival

034. Last Song You listened to: Something on the radio but I don't remember
035. Last Thing You Bought: Cheesecake for a dumb reason

036. Last Person You Hugged: mother? Idk

037. Food(s): Rice Pilaf, Mexican, Japanese, and Thai foods

038. Drinks: Barq's root beer or milkshake :v

039. Clothing: blue sweatshirt or green hoodie, and t-shirts with dumb references to nerd things
040. Book: I've read too many books at this point that I don't have a fave, but I like fantasy :v

041. Color: changes daily
042  Flower: pitcher plant or bromeliad

043: Music: rock (I'm bad at music categories but my tastes are varied)
044. Movie: The Emperor's New Groove

045. Shoes: anything that fits my annoyingly-sized feet

046. Subjects: Science (I like Astronomy and Biology)


047. [ ] Kissed In The Snow 

048. [/] Celebrated Halloween (sorta, I was sick then)

049. [ ] Had Your Heart Broken 

050. [ ] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone 

051. [X] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation (happens often tbh)

052. [X] Came Outta The Closet (told several classmates I was trans)
053. [ ] Gotten Pregnant 

054. [ ] Had An Abortion 
055. [X] Did Something You've Regretted
056. [ ] Broke A Promise 
057. [X] Kept A Secret

058. [X] Pretended To Be Happy (all the time)

059. [ ] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life 

060. [X] Pretended To Be Sick
061. [ ] Left The Country 
062. [ ] Tried something you normally wouldn't like and liked it 
063. [X] Cried Over The Silliest Thing

064. [ ] Ran A Mile 
065. [X] Went To The Beach 
066. [X] Stayed Single


067. Eating: nothing
068. Drinking: water
069Getting Ready To: go to work
070Listening To: nothing

071Plans For Tomorrow/Today: work and then goof off watching cartoons or shitty animated movies
072Waiting for: getting hired on by the company I'm working for???


073Want Kids: Hell no

074Want To Get Married: Don't care tbh (like maybe for financial benefits???)
075Careers in mind: science idk something I can do without much hassle???


076What Do You First Notice In Another Person: face idk???
077Shorter Or Taller: don't care
078Romantic Or Spontaneous: Sorta neither, depends on my mood at the time which is appealing
079Nice Abs Or Nice Arms: Arms. Abs aren't even natural.
080Other Person's Personality: Good sense of humor...and nice??? Like just be a decent respectful person and I'll probably like you.

081Hookup Or Relationship: platonic relationship

082Troublemaker Or Hesitant: either (I'm both so I can roll with either)

((And apparently some questions are missing :V))

090Yourself: depends

091Miracles: not really

092Love At First Sight: Nah, that's called a crush 

093Heaven: Not really. Perhaps an afterlife or reincarnation of a sort, but I don't interpret that as conventional heaven

094Santa Claus: Yes, in the spirit of giving sort of way
096Magic: not really, or at least not in the conventional sense again :V


097Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: Idk does wanting to hang out with a friend count?

098Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: Nah. It's eh and there's always room for improvement
099Do You Believe In God: More of an "I dunno" Shrug
100. Post As 100 Truths and tag 5 People:NAH (unless anyone wants to be tagged? :V)

I guess enough people are upset about me intending to delete my old artwork that I'm not sure if I can do it with a clean conscience. So for now I'm just going to make it harder to find--I'm removing it from my featured gallery and either placing it in a separate folder or moving it to scraps. Note that this won't be all my artwork, it'll probably be stuff with Wigg's old designs and maybe the first ten deviations in my gallery. I'll be doing this over the weekend.

That said if I'm still harassed by keeping it up, then obviously I will go through and delete those pics. But for now I'll keep that as the nuclear option and try this out first.
I'm going to remove most of the early stuff and anything involving Earwig's old designs.

My reasons being:

1. It's old and shitty and I'm sick of seeing notifications about it. And most of it's not even canon anymore.
2. I'm sick of people using Wigg's old design as some sort of arguing piece about my gender identity. The fact I have to defend something like that is ludicrous, and I no longer have the time nor patience to spell out every stupid little intricacy to people who are just going to argue with me anyways, and I'm done being a zoo animal for people to gawk at.

So because of that, I've had it and it's going away. There's no reason to look at it anyways.
Does anyone know how to make your brain see human anatomy like animal anatomy? Or just helpful hints for someone that learned how to draw animals (specifically dragons and felines) first? (And yes I understand homologous structures, my issues are largely with posing humans).

I hate that I can do fairly dynamic poses with animals/monsters and not really have much issue figuring it out, but my humans (and humanoids) are still stiff as heck and I have more trouble making sense of them around 50% of the time. How do I convey motion properly with a stiffer vertical spine built for a biped? And how do I stay consistent with that motion with the straight-but-bendy legs humans have?

Any tips would be sincerely appreciated.
I'm Switzerland.

That means I have no stake in drama. I don't want to be involved in drama. I'm not going to pick sides in drama.

I will give advice on how best to end a drama if someone asks, but I am not here to be a part of drama. Nor am I here to be some sort of policeman. Or a big stick.

I'm literally just a kink artist. Best I can do is defend against trolls and extend my hand in friendship. 

But I refuse to be involved in other people's dramas. I'm neutral territory, and as long as people treat me kindly I will treat them kindly back.

That is all.
Gonna say this thinggg:

Look, I don't give a flying rat's ass if you don't agree with me being trans. I really couldn't give less of a shit about those opinions.

But understand that if you hold those opinions; I am still a human being, and I deserve respect like any other human being. You're allowed to disagree with my choice, you're allowed to disagree with fucking ANYTHING. But as a fucking adult HUMAN BEING making that choice for myself, I deserve basic respect for it, even if you disagree. And if you're not going to give me that respect, then you can royally fuck off my page.

And by respect that means do not try to undermine me. Do not attack me. Do not treat me like less of a person. Do not patronize me, do not tell me I'm insane, do not laugh at me when I am in pain. Don't fuck with my life. And don't be fucking rude "just cuz :B".

Know when it is apropriate to volunteer that opinion, and keep the discussion respectful. Otherwise, keep it to yourself. Like literally any other polarizing topic. Like religion. Like politics. Just be fucking tolerant. And in turn I'll fucking tolerate you.

Fucking THE END.
Long story short I know I suck at replying, but beyond that I think I need to but a damper on romance-geared RPs or at least put most on indefinite hold where Jake is concerned.

Honestly I never expected anyone to be attracted to him, which was kind of stupid thinking given he's kink trash in a community where that's considered attractive, but eh. But he was never really made with the intent to be seriously shipped, or even really held in romantic lights. And because of that, most romantic/relationship RPs tend to leave me somewhat unsettled.

Thing is, Jake is a jerk who's primary focus is himself and his desires. He's always been one, and he's going to continue to be one. He also has zero relationship sense and zero ability to empathize (he can only sympathize, and even so, only when he feels like doing so). So he's not going to suddenly become a decent guy for the sake of the relationship, he's not going to interpret subtle cues, he's not going to act in the better interest of his SO, and most of the time he only enters relationships because there's some to of interest for him to do so (hanky panky or food, generally).

So a lot of RPs where a relationship is the focus with a character like that seriously bother me about 90% of the time. Like a lot of the time the emphasis is either on "fixing" Jake, or it's romanticizing something that's rather unhealthy and not admitting to the flaws. And then increasingly I've been feeling guilt-tripped when, surprise of surprises, Jake's being an ass (because I'm not going to play him OOC to please). 

It should be obvious Jake is an ass, and I'm sick of people signing on for that shit and then complaining to me when it happens. It's immature to be honest and it also annoys me, because it's fuckin' fantasy mates. I've said over and over that Jake is terrible relationship material, this is not new knowledge, and should not come as a surprise. You should know what you're signing on for.

So I'm going to ask that most RPs on this site no longer have romantic or relationship overtones, I want to keep it platonic. If you must have certain kinks or adult aspects, then have it be some friends with benefits thing because that's honestly something Jake is more likely to do than romancing, he's hecka weird in any social sense.

Now I'm cool with romance if people know what they're getting into, in which case if I've RP-ed with you for a long time or have done multiple serious RPs with you where you have a good sense of Jake's character and want to try a relationship thing, I might be more willing to agree with it. But other than that I'm probably going to be turning down RPs of that nature.

Also note this only applies to Jake, most of my other OCs are actually more decent to people outside of a few exceptions.
HURRDURR I WAS TAGGED BY: :iconsafirecreations:

*Post these rules.
*Post 8 facts about your character.
*Tag 8 other characters.
*Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Oh boy, time for my favorite thing--talking about this pile of derpitude 8D

Face Tentacle by Earwiggy

Let's see if I can think of anything that hadn't been said before :U

1. Despite his rap, he's kinda 50/50 with the fatal and nonfatal stuff. He's honestly a bit of a weenie tbh, and he kinda spares peeps at random, especially if he starts having a conversation with them.

2. DO NOT TURN DOWN THE THERMOSTAT. This boi hates the cold and it makes him sluggish but also 50x more annoying because he's whiney as hell.

3. He can look at the blood of others without losing his shit completely (might turn green and/or barf if it's gruesome). But his own blood he just cannot keep it together and will either go hysterical or faint. Possibly both. Don't cut this boi.

4. His apartment is a pigsty and he's gross. Is that mold? Ew.

5. He sheds his teeth constantly like a shark, yellow is just natural coloring for them and has nothing to do with how clean/dirty they are. Usually he eats the ones that fall out. (He can also pull teeth out and a strong blow can knock out a bunch of them)

6: Besides onions, he's not very fond of the taste of mint.

7. The boi is a terrible alcoholic, but would never admit to it. He also has a secret booze stash.

8. His toes are double jointed and are typically curled in order to fit them into his hiking boots, because otherwise his feet are too big for cheap shoes. He can also switch to walking digitigrade in human form.

I tag...anyone that wants to be tagged :U
Hhghhh so I know I've been bad about being around lately, and I'm sorry about that.  Lately I've had an intense art burnout and it's been driving me a little nuts. But I'll try to be a bit more responsive,  it's just hard b/c I'm sorta mad at myself for not really making anything lately OTL

Hopefully I'll be back soon though.
Aha so sorry for not being around much and also not posting anything new in a while. I've been super unmotivated to draw and then I just come down with the plague so that's ffffffun OTL.

Point is I'll return soon and (hopefully) find motivation to draw again. Sorry for seeming to vanish and ignore everyone. I'm just sick an achey lol.

On the other hand we adopted a pair of kittens tho, so like we'll be picking up the fuzzballs later this week/early next week when they're ready to go home. So I'm stoked about that.
So yeh, ya'lls have probably noticed I've been writing too many depressed status posts lately, and I know for a lot of people 2016 has been an extremely crappy year.

But I'm going to try and stick out on DA a little longer. There's a few reasons for this, but I know there's a lot who care about me on here who will be saddened to see me go, but I also want to know if 2016 was just a very bad year for DA too.

So I'm going to do all I can to be as welcoming as possible here. There's a lot of shitty people on this site, and I want to do whatever I can to counteract them. So know that my page is a safe place, and that if you guys are afraid of hate you can come to me.

Also, if you guys are being bothered by trolls, feel free to ask for help from me. There's nothing a troll can say that can actually hurt me, and I enjoy messing with their heads so don't even hesitate to ask for help if you're having trouble dealing with them. And if they're bad, I can also help you get them banned from the site (depending on the troll).

And I think that's it. Just know I'm a safe person to come to if you need help, or just want to talk about your interests without being scrutinized by trolls.

I also encourage you all to try and be there for your friends on here, and help others so we can make a nice safe pocket on DA for ourselves.
Guess I'm kinda sorta sticking around on here, just not with nearly the same vigor I used to have.

That said, I may be a bit MIA everywhere just because I'm going on a trip and the phone company broke my phone yesterday (long story). So unless I get the phone working, I probs won't be too responsive for a few days :U
Probably going to not be on DA as much anymore, and/or possibly leave it. I remember when this place used to be decent and thriving, and for the past two years I've felt increasingly unwelcome here. Last year most of my original friends vanished and/or moved on, and while I tried to stick it out in the hopes of finding new friends...welp, there's very few I can call a close friend on here, unlike back in the day when I had a handful. And I can go on and on about the site going downhill (my general art account is the biggest proof of this fact), but most of you either know or will soon learn why this place is fucked.

Of all the sites I'm on, this is the one I lost friends on a regular basis, at times once every couple months. I tried to see if maybe I'd end up in a better place eventually on here...but I'm not. Instead I watch good people drift apart and I'm sick of the drama and the trolls I'm left with.

But most of all I'm sick of losing. I can name several people right off the bat that I still feel the absence of after a great deal of time, and I'm tired. I've lost enough lately. I need to minimize my losses now, and I'm sorry to everyone who hoped I could stick it out another year.

Those of you who know of my other sites--you know where to find me. I'll be there. And maybe when I feel it's safe, I'll come back here. But until then, I'm heavily considering leaving as well. I feel like I'm slowly losing my sanity.
Now for obvious reasons I'm not entirely okay, and because of that I would like to ask that I not be involved in any serious discussions at the moment. I'm simply not up to it and I'm already fighting my tendencies to isolate myself, so it would be extremely beneficial to not have to talk about serious subjects (as those currently make me shrink back). This includes current world events, being asked to handle trolls, dramas, mental health, etc.. I will open up slowly as time goes on, but for now, don't initiate with me, and don't expect me to continue the string of replies. 

I'd also ask to especially not to be involved in dramas. I don't want to hear of them at the current time because they only serve to infuriate me, which defeats the purpose of me trying to assist or calm things down in any way. Please don't rant about them to me, ask my opinion, or ask for my assistance or comfort. 

And if if I keep seeing things in my notifications I may have to block/unwatch certain users temporarily, simply because I don't want to look at that stuff atm. DA is currently my escape from irl drama and I'd really rather not have to see anything inciteful.

Of course, shit happens and I'm extremely aware of that fact. But please don't contact me about anything of a serious nature unless it's something extremely important. And even then, don't expect much. I'm currently pretty stretched thin and spent, and need time to recover.

And I'm not trying to demand anything, I'm just asking that you guys please be considerate of my own mental health. Because if I keep seeing stuff or having people pestering me about these things, I'm going to have no choice but to leave DA for a time, and it may be weeks before I return.

So my Thanksgiving was pretty rotten. My cat, who I've jokingly referred to as Beef Stew on here, was suddenly in decline yesterday. The vet said it wasn't going to be good, and I visited her last night with my mother and sister.

This morning I said goodbye. She's gone now. It's too quiet now without her begging for attention and I don't know what to do.

I may reply to comment drabble stuff just to give myself something else to focus on. But I'm going to get some sleep some first. I didn't sleep last night.

I miss her.
Okay wow...last journal had such a varied number of suggestions that I'm no more clear now than starting out. Which...I did expect but still. The things you guys think I'm decent at enough to teach XD

-Of those I'm probably least qualified to teach hands and clothing textures, just because I suck at hands myself and cheat by drawing monster ones. And I don't really texture clothing...I could teach some basic shading though since that's really all I do :U

-(also could do coloring/shading and/or highlighting in general pfff)

-Drool is a good one, there's several good methods I've seen.

-And bellies is I can certainly give some direction on those (and different types too lmao).

-Hair I'm because I fudge hair so much and none of the styles I draw are realistic. But I could give some direction with shading...and this highlighting cheat I use XD

-Dragons though...that one will need to be narrowed down because it's such a huge category. I still have the head tutorial thingy (that's hecka old), but what about dragons? Body type? Wings? Legs? Ways to vary dragons? Frills? Fuzz? Coloring? 


But which of those sounds most appealing (keeping in mind what I've said about being less qualified or needing specifics for)? Like this probably isn't going to narrow it down, but consider this a vote. Or a prevote if some tie and I need a poll to settle the difference (but people that respond to journals get first choice in what I do, obviously).

also apologies for journal spamming this but I want to make sure I cover what the most people want :U
So past two weeks I've been thinking of maybe doing some sort of tutorial thingy on something digital-art-related.

Buuuut I have no idea what peeps would want to see from me.

SOOOOOO is there any sort of digital/art tutorial thing you guys would want to have a "how to" of?

Do note though that you can't rely on me for an anatomy lesson thingy on body types because tbh I throw most anatomy lessons out the window when I draw. And that anything I do will be done in PAINT TOOL SAI (though I can give tips for Photoshop)
So I'm kinda feeling a bit self indulgent and I've also been wondering this for a while:

What kind of vibes does my art/writing/roleplaying give off? Good or bad, I'm curious. 

(Here's some examples if you're confused: does my art remind you of anything? What are your thoughts on my characters/obsessions? What vibes or feelings does it exude onto you, if any (i.e., awkward, nice, quirky, funny, dark, to name a few)? What makes it appealing, or conversely, unappealing? Does it seem original, or not so much?)

Do note that I'm not looking for style critiques (though otherwise appreciated) or praise (my ego doesn't need stroking fellas), I'm more just curious what thoughts and feelings my art/writing/roleplaying gives off, both good or bad. Or just thoughts on the characters themselves (who do you like? Dislike? Who should appear more? Should I introduce new players to the field?)
So I'm bored, anyone want to play a game?

I feel like answering random questions in-character so if you're in the mood, you can ask anything to Jake in this journal. I'll play him as if he's on truth syrum (meaning he can't lie or avoid the truth), so that you can ask him anything wacky or invasive and he HAS TO answer XD

Just note that he can "lie" if he sees something as personally true, but he will still answer truthfully to himself. And if you ask something not G rated, you're not going to get a G rated response, but otherwise he'll answer to the appropriate rating.

Ask away~